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What you should be expecting from your accountant.

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Are you getting the following from your accountant?

  • An understanding of your business results BEFORE the tax year is finished?
  • A proactive level of attention and a sense that you are their priority?
  • A level of service that goes beyond your tax return and financial statement?
  • Education and business mentoring to help you become a business machine?
  • A macro view of your business, not just a micro understanding?

Many people have a misconception about what they can expect from their accountant.

Your accountant shouldn’t be just a bookkeeper.

In fact using PayTraq it is possible to run your own bookkeeping.
PayTraq allows you to quickly enter transactions, send out invoices, record expenses and easily reconcile your bank statements. You can even run your own reports whenever you want them.

As for being your own accountant, it’s probably safer to leave it to the experts. Accountants provide informed analysis of your bookkeeping data and, ultimately, can help you make better business decisions. They help you interpret your reports in the context of ever-changing regulations, marketplace conditions, business and industry trends, and so on.

A good accountant should be your business and accounts adviser, proactively working with you to help you keep as much of your hard-earned money as is legally possible.

If you answered no to any of the above questions you really should be considering moving accountants ASAP.