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Advantages of Comprehensive Business Processes Automation

As technology and web apps become more advanced, business process automation, previously used only by large enterprises, is now available for small businesses as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of many of the advantages of a complex approach to business process automation and never get a chance to benefit from them.

Automated billing is among users’ favorites. Undoubtedly, replacing Word or Excel with web-based services is a better and smarter solution which saves a lot of time. Professional design of generated documents, organized lists of issued bills with instant search option, clear information of who owes what, periodic billing, automatic invoice e-mailing, notifications about past due payments, as well as the possibilities for receiving online payments are what automated billing is all about, and that's why it increases performance compared to manual billing in text editors or spreadsheets. But this is just one business process.

By automating

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Online payments options for your invoices. A special offer for PayTraq clients from Swipe Gateway

The benefits of the online payments options for your invoices were described in details earlier, so we would like to just remind you what the key points were.

By enabling the option to accept online payments straight from the online invoice link you give your clients the way to pay instantly and with ease. The more payment options you display on your invoices, the higher the chances your customers will pay you on time.

Statistically, by offering the option to pay online the invoices are paid twice as fast as those without it.

Accepting online payments is great for companies working with international clients. It helps to avoid waiting for international wire transfer.

It's worth mentioning that the number of corporate credit cards has been growing. So the client can pay using the card’s available credit, which comes in handy when there are not enough funds in the current

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How To Save Time When Sending Or Importing Invoices And Bills With Paytraq

There are several options to deliver an invoice to your customer.

The traditional method is delivery by post. An invoice is printed and packaged in an envelope, a stamp is affixed and the envelope is mailed to the recipient. This is the most time consuming and expensive invoice delivery method; the recipient can only handle such an invoice by hand.

Electronic delivery method. An invoice is sent to the recipient at a specified e-mail or left in any cloud service or personal cabinet, where the recipient can retrieve it. This is a quick and most importantly, free method of invoice delivery. Not only can the recipient enter such an invoice manually, they can also process it by copying the data and then pasting it into the fields in the document creation form.

A direct link to the invoice. In this way the recipient can follow a link to see, save,

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Get paid faster by starting to use online payments options.

Sometimes billing can be a cumbersome process especially for companies with small staffs who would rather focus on growing their company than sending out invoices to customers. Even after these invoices have landed in client inboxes, there’s no guarantee that you will be paid in a timely manner.

According to statistical data, invoices with an option to pay via PayPal or credit card receive payments much faster (actually twice as fast) than invoices without an online payment option. Letting your clients pay online means that they can pay you faster – no more waiting for a wire transfer.

We’re excited to announce the next PayTraq update to help you get paid faster: PayPal and payment gateway integrations. With this new feature, you can accept PayPal or credit cards payments straight from the online invoice link.

You can easily enable PayPal online payment option for your invoices. All you need

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