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Options of Online Store Integration

Tags: PayTraq features, e-commerce

Similarly to the recently announced Purchase Inbox designed to automate the processing of your incoming primary documents, PayTraq is now happy to present its Sales Inbox, a place where all sales orders coming from online stores or POS systems go to for further processing. The orders enter the system through integration channels connecting your online store and PayTraq. Orders will appear in Sales Inbox immediately after they’re created in your online store.

Currently, two channels are available for activation. These are PayTraq Connect channel and Shopify channel.

1) PayTraq Connect channel

All your online orders go straight to your Inbox through this channel by means of simple custom integration. This channel is universal and can be used for any e-commerce platform for which it’s possible to write plugins to expands its functionality. You’re welcome to contact our partners if you need help integrating your online store with PayTraq.

2) Shopify channel

This channel can be used for automatic uploading of all of your orders created in online stores based on Shopify. Today Shopify is the world’s most popular SaaS platform for e-commerce, enabling you to both create online stores and use online POS software.