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Dear friends, we are very excited to share some great news with you!

We’ve recently added a customization option for your sales documents so now you can choose themes for your invoices, estimates, sales orders and pro forma invoices. From now on, your invoices will be the reflection of your mood!

We offer as many as five new themes. You can check them out in your My Company –> Sales/Purchases –> Document Templates settings using a specific document template (PDF Theme drop-down menu). Try them all and pick the one you like the most!

Let’s begin our journey through the themes.


BUSINESS is a default theme. Conservative and austere, it says, "We’re a serious company". This theme can be used for any business activity.


LIVE is all about colors and emotions. You don’t like boring bills and invoices? Add some color and cheer up your customers. This theme is perfect for service providers.


LIVE+ is the art nouveau of colors. Your bills and invoices all look the same but you want something new? Then this theme is for you! It’s very stylish and modern and can be used for any business activity.


ORANGE is like a ripe juicy orange. This theme is your orange mood and your billing and invoicing creativity, and it too can be used for any business activity.


CLASSIC is a traditional theme. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t: a cloud of digits and some text on a scrap of paper. CLASSIC is the choice of professional salesmen.

Our journey has come to an end. Have you picked your theme yet?