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How To Save Time When Sending Or Importing Invoices And Bills With Paytraq

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There are several options to deliver an invoice to your customer.

The traditional method is delivery by post. An invoice is printed and packaged in an envelope, a stamp is affixed and the envelope is mailed to the recipient. This is the most time consuming and expensive invoice delivery method; the recipient can only handle such an invoice by hand.

Electronic delivery method. An invoice is sent to the recipient at a specified e-mail or left in any cloud service or personal cabinet, where the recipient can retrieve it. This is a quick and most importantly, free method of invoice delivery. Not only can the recipient enter such an invoice manually, they can also process it by copying the data and then pasting it into the fields in the document creation form.

A direct link to the invoice. In this way the recipient can follow a link to see, save, print or export their invoice. The link can be sent via e-mail or through a direct messaging program, like Skype. This is the same fast and free delivery method as by e-mail.

PayTraq supports all three options of preparing and sending of invoices. A direct link to the invoice is the most convenient way of delivery, both for you and for the recipient, here is why:

  1. A direct link to the invoice operates online, and the recipient can always see whether the payment is received or not.

  2. A direct link to the invoice makes it possible to save the invoice not only in PDF format for printing, but also to export it to other electronic document exchange formats. Currently the available formats include PayTraq XML, UBL and CSV.

Electronic document exchange formats virtually eliminate manual processing of invoices by the recipient. In addition, you can now export the documents in the PayTraq XML format from PayTraq as well as import them.

Importing of documents in the PayTraq XML format is available via the Import Wizard in Purchases section for all types of documents (except a Purchase Order and a Purchase Voucher). In Sales section importing is available for Sales Orders.

Received documents also can be imported right from the direct link to the document; in this case, there is no need to save the file on your computer for subsequent uploading.

Importing of documents is not only saving time on processing; it also prevents errors that can occur in manual input. If you and your client or supplier operates in PayTraq together, then sharing of invoices just became much easier and more convenient.