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Online payments options for your invoices. A special offer for PayTraq clients from Swipe Gateway

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The benefits of the online payments options for your invoices were described in details earlier, so we would like to just remind you what the key points were.

By enabling the option to accept online payments straight from the online invoice link you give your clients the way to pay instantly and with ease. The more payment options you display on your invoices, the higher the chances your customers will pay you on time.

Statistically, by offering the option to pay online the invoices are paid twice as fast as those without it.

Accepting online payments is great for companies working with international clients. It helps to avoid waiting for international wire transfer.

It's worth mentioning that the number of corporate credit cards has been growing. So the client can pay using the card’s available credit, which comes in handy when there are not enough funds in the current account.

Special offer for PayTraq clients* from Swipe Gateway

*Available only for EU Companies

Transaction fees:
1.9% + EUR 0.20 (EU payments)

2.9% + EUR 0.20 (International payments)

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Swipe Gateway has made the process of opening a merchant account for EU companies quick and straightforward, so now it is a matter of days before you can accept the first credit card payments made by your clients. The account is opened online. There are not any activation or subscription fees.

When the client’s payment is received, it is automatically identified as the invoice payment and gets instantly reconciled in the PayTraq together with the transaction fee. At the same time, a notification about the received payment will appear in your Notification Center.