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Get paid faster by starting to use online payments options.

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Sometimes billing can be a cumbersome process especially for companies with small staffs who would rather focus on growing their company than sending out invoices to customers. Even after these invoices have landed in client inboxes, there’s no guarantee that you will be paid in a timely manner.

According to statistical data, invoices with an option to pay via PayPal or credit card receive payments much faster (actually twice as fast) than invoices without an online payment option. Letting your clients pay online means that they can pay you faster – no more waiting for a wire transfer.

We’re excited to announce the next PayTraq update to help you get paid faster: PayPal and payment gateway integrations. With this new feature, you can accept PayPal or credit cards payments straight from the online invoice link.

You can easily enable PayPal online payment option for your invoices. All you need to do is just to create a PayPal money account and specify your PayPal business account email address.

If you have an account with one of the following payment gateways - Braintree, Stripe, 2Checkout then you can enable credit card payment options by creating a merchant money account and setting up your gateway credentials. Integration is straightforward and can be completed in less then a minute.

Online Payments. The PayTraq's Way.

There is nothing new in accepting payments online, but the way many websites and services do it is a laborious, multi-step process. PayTraq online payments feature is exceptionally fast and allows the entire flow happens on one page. Your clients receive emails with online link to a web invoice page with enabled payment options. Then they click "Pay by Credit Card" or "Pay by PayPal" link depending on the options you have enabled and fill out the simple form.

PayTraq will take them back to the invoice with a confirmation message. The payment is recorded on the invoice immediately and web invoice page always shows up-to-date outstanding amount and actual invoice status. The experience is seamless, simple and fast.
PayTraq will create automatically all journal entries by elimating needs to manually add payments in the system.

Adding online payment options with the ability to get paid directly from the web invoice can significantly speed up invoice payments and improve cash flow for your business.