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Automated PayPal Bank Feeds

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As we all know PayPal is a safe, easy way to pay and get paid online.

We are excited to announce an automated PayPal Bank Feed that will greatly simplify your work with PayPal in PayTraq.

With PayPal direct integration, you no longer need to export your PayPal statement and then import it to PayTraq. All your transactions will be uploaded to PayTraq automatically almost in real time with up to 15 minutes delay. Your current PayPal balance will also be available in the system. PayPal fees are automatically allocated into individual transactions and all PayPal uploaded operations can be easily reconciled.

With our auto-reconciliation feature, you can also automatically process all transactions for which exact matches are found, for example, to add an incoming payment to the invoice.

That's not all. By using a PayPal/eBay channel of your Sales Inbox you can get details about all orders that have been paid via PayPal. So if your primary payment method is PayPal then your e-commerce solution can be easily integrated to push all orders into the Sales Inbox for further processing.

You will get notifications in Notification Center for every new incoming and outgoing payments delivered by Bank Feed as well as for any new order received by your Sales Inbox.

How does it work ?

PayTraq communicates with PayPal by using PayPal API.
First you will need to activate PayPal Bank Feed by providing your PayPal API credentials.
When PayPal Feed is activated then optionally you can proceed with activation of the PayPal/eBay channel in your Sales Inbox.

Go to our help desk to get more info about setting up of PayPal Feed.

P.S. As before you can also use PayPal to accept online payments for your sales invoices quickly and easily.