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3dCart channel in PayTraq Sales Inbox

Tags: integrations, PayTraq features, e-commerce

Together with a recently announced WooCommerce integration we are also pleased to unveil that a new 3dCart channel has been added to PayTraq Sales Inbox.

This option will allow you to create a quick integration between your 3dCart website and PayTraq for automatic uploading of all of your orders created in the online store.

How to set up a 3dCart integration?

Step 1: Activate a new 3dCart channel in PayTraq

Go to the "Channels" tab of PayTraq Sales Inbox and activate the 3dCart channel.

Step 2: Extract your WebHook URL

On your newly activated channel, you will be given a WebHook URL that you need to copy.

Step 3: Activate Webhook in 3dCart

Activate the "SOAP API" plugin in your 3dCart admin panel.

Activate your new order notification webhook by pasting the Webhook URL you have copied into the "POST URL" field.